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Earth First Solutions

Our products have been developed in collaboration with Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR), a premier & renowned research institution based out of Bangalore,India.

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REGENERATE SOIL If not us, then who? If not now, then when? Amidst the chaos, a solution resides just below our feet. Healthy soil helps sequester carbon and reverse climate change Reverse Climate Change Earth First Solutions REGENERATE SOIL Healthy soil enables soil organisms to multiply and flourish, creating resilient and stable ecosystems which sustain life above ground. Preserve Bio-Diversity Earth First Solutions REGENERATE SOIL Healthy soil is the soul of any garden and gardening activity has been proved to improve both physical & mental health. Improve Health & Wellness Earth First Solutions REGENERATE SOIL Soil is local, so should be the economy. The “Grow.Eat.Compost.Repeat” practice not only regenerates soil, but it also helps build a resilient local economy. Enable Circular Economy

“All life on the planet depends upon the soil . There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.”

Who are we?

Our story- Completing the Circle of Life

As the world rallies on towards economic growth, today more than ever, there is a need for solutions that go beyond preservation and sustainability. This need propelled us to step ahead and engineer regenerative products and solutions.


What is Soil

Soil is the key. Regeneration, the solution

Once teeming with abundant life, the soil beneath our feet calls to be revived. Soil regeneration simply refers to the practice of building or rebuilding healthy soil.

Compost, Food for Soil

Compost adds organic matter to the soil, making it healthy and supporting the growth of essential soil organisms that determine its fertility and ability to provide vital nutrients to plants.


Soil as Carbon Sink

Healthy soil can lock carbon and prevent its escape into the atmosphere to form carbon dioxide. It also absorbs and retains carbon dioxide as complex carbon, thus slowing down/ allaying climate change.


Clean Water

Healthy soil acts as a sieve to filter various elements in water that pass through on their way to groundwater. Soil microorganisms cooperate in this task of degrading organic and inorganic materials that would otherwise pollute our water supply.

“Soil Re-generation is good Karma. Anyone & everyone can participate and help complete the Circle of Life.”

Explore our Solutions

Whether you’re a beginner tending to your small patch of balcony garden or a more seasoned professional looking for landscaping solutions, our products aim to make your job simpler and help reap the fruits of your labour.

Explore our Eco-Products

We call our products as “Eco Products”. On one hand we are solving the waste problem by converting bulk organic waste into compost and on the other created value-added compost products in technical collaboration with Indian Institute of Horticultural Research(IIHR) .Currently our products are sold under the brand name MHG® – My Happy Garden

MHG®  Bio-Enriched
Organic Manure

MHG® Enriched

MHG® Universal
Potting Mix

Our Facility

Nestled amidst a quiet and lush green setup on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway, our compost curing and bagging facility is set up within a farm space. This allows us to test our products for actual field results with no restrictions. Our employees enjoy “Work From Farm” and are a happy lot. Our facility includes large mechanised equipment for curing, mixing, sieving, shredding, material handling and bagging.

Drop us an email if you want to visit our facility. We will be glad to host you.

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    Earth First Solutions LLP

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